About James Reid

James Reid has lived in the Dallas-Fort Worth area all of his life. A graduate of Cleburne High School and Baylor University, he taught high school mathematics, but then moved into the computer industry in Dallas where he spent most of his professional career, including owning two small computer-related businesses. His father-in-law was a home builder in the Dallas area and James was involved in managing real estate owned by his father-in-law. He and his wife, Martha, decided that real estate investment would be a wise choice and he decided that being a real estate agent would aid in that endeavor. Over the last three decades they have invested in properties in Texas and Colorado and self-manage the rental properties they currently own. As a real estate agent, he has helped investors and home owners find the property that suits their needs. Investors and home owners approach buying property from two entirely different perspectives and his experience in both areas can assist the buyer in making a good decision.

James and his wife, Martha, love to travel and have been to numerous countries and ports-of-call around the world. They have been to all 50 states and visited all 50 state capitol buildings and all national parks except for a few remote parks in Alaska.